Sunday, January 8, 2012

'Disney's Epic Mickey' Review

I know this game came out a year ago, but since I only just started a Disney blog, I thought I would review some past stuff. I also know that many were disappointed when this game came out, and I can't figure out why. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention to things that seasoned gamers will complain about, but I love Epic Mickey. I thought it was a great and challenging game that was re-playable because of all the hidden stuff hidden throughout it. It was also a game that is rich in Disney history, with its many characters from the famous company' past It's also this reason, however, that makes the game seem depressing. This isn't a complaint, but you can't help but feel sorry for these cartoon characters that were forgotten. I admit that a big Disney fan like myself had never heard of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit before Epic Mickey. Or the Gremlins, for that matter. But this is also positive, because the game introduces generations of fans to characters that they had never heard of, and by adding Mickey, it appeals to his fans.
Best Moment: I've gotta say, the scene where Oswald gives the heart back to Mickey was very well done. You can see the amazement on his face when it lands in his hands.
Best Hidden Secret: The basketball court in the matterhorn.
Best Disney Reference: Walt's apartment in the firehouse.
Overall: I think that if you take out what the game could have been, Epic Mickey is a lot better. Camera issues aside, it's a great game, and returns Mickey to the way he should be. Not a goody two-shoes, but an adventurous, mischievous hero.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Disney Trip Coming Up!

I can't wait. There's a good chance i'll be going to Walt Disney World this summer for a week in July. It's awesome, cause I haven't been since 2005. I'm counting down the days till the trip!

Monday, January 2, 2012

'The Muppets' Review

Today, I went and saw The Muppets, as I am quite obviously late to that party. And it was great. The Muppets lives up to the classics, and may be the best one since The Muppet Movie. It had a sense of nostalgia that stayed with you throughout the film, and the musical numbers were often hilarious. But the big joke that had you laughing constantly was the fact that the fourth wall was broken pretty much every five minutes.
The movie was hilarious, and there was room for everyone. Really. Basically, if there was a Muppet, chances are they made an appearance in this movie. For someone who has seen a good portion of the movies starring the Muppets, this film really brought them back to the mainstream.
Best Scene: The final song and dance number. No question. It must have taken forty takes to get that scene just right.
Best Cameo: Since what Jack Black did wasn't really a cameo, I have to give this to Jim Parsons, with Zack Galifianakas and Rico Rodriguez getting alot of credit.
Funniest Scene: A barbershop version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" shouldn't be this good. The fact that this is going on during a scene of Jack Black getting tortured in a barbershop made it all the much better. The Swedish Chef torching the rotten fruit is my second favorite.
Best Song: "Rainbow Connection" is the best, with "Man or Muppet" and "Life is a Happy Song" also good. Tex Richman rapping was the strangest of the lot, and Fozzie's version of "Rainbow Connection" is the funniest.
Final Grade: The Muppets is a must see. Go see it if you haven't already.

Magic Kingdom, Disneyland to Stay Open All Day Feb. 29!!!

If you were watching New Years Rockin' Eve on Saturday, chances are you saw the announcement by Disney. On February 29th, both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park will remain open for 24 hours. This is the first time that they have ever done this. I won't be going, since I live in Connecticut and my winter break is a week or two before Leap Day, but I think that this was a great thing to do. One of the things that I really have always wanted to do at a Disney park is to watch the sun rise over Cinderella Castle. I give a premature kudos to anyone who stays at one of the parks all 24 hours.


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