Friday, February 24, 2012

Best of WDW: Top 20 Resorts in Walt Disney World

This is the first of several "best of" lists for Walt Disney World. First up, I will count down the best hotels the resort has to offer.

20. Disney's All Star Sports Resort- I've stayed here once, and the nice theme doesn't make up for the fact that the windows don't open.
19. Disney's Old Key West Resort- This would've been higher, but I've never actually seen this place in person.
18. Disney' All Star Music Resort- Similar to the All Star Sports, but with a slightly better theme.
17. Disney's Pop Century Resort- Like the All Star Sports and All Star Music before it, but once again, this has a better theme.
16. Disney's All Star Movies Resort- This is the best of the motel-style resorts, as it has the coolest and best-executed theme.
15. Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter- It looks nice, but its not one of the best places to stay.
14. Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside- See above.
13. Disney's Coronado Springs Resort- Being slightly nicer than PO, and with a much better theming and pool, this becomes the second-best "moderate" resort.
12. Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort- As someone who has stayed in beach hotels before, they got what one looks like down almost perfectly. Best of the "moderate" resorts.
11. Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa- Never been here, but it looks really nice and deserves a spot pretty high on this list.
10. Disney's Polynesian Resort- Looks incredible, but it is the oldest of any of the Deluxe resorts (besides the Contemporary).
9. Disney's Boardwalk Inn- The only downside here is that the hotel itself doesn't have as many amenities as some of the others on this list. However, it does have the large Boardwalk, which fully makes up for it.
8. Disney's Wilderness Lodge- It's not as amazing as the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but the WL is still a great place to stay. Its only big downside is that it is not connected to the Monorail.
7. Disney's Yacht Club Resort- I think the Beach Club is the better half, but the Yacht Club is still spectacular.
6. Disney's Beach Club Resort- The slightly better half of the Beach and Yacht Club, this is one of the most luxurious and convenient hotels on Disney property, being beautiful as well as a ten minute walk from EPCOT.
5. Walt Disney World Swan- Even though its not a Disney hotel, its often considered as one, and is one of the nicest hotels in Walt Disney World.
4. Walt Disney World Dolphin- See above.
3. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge- The theme is spectacular. The food is great. The views of the savanna are great. There is nothing not to like about the AKL.
2. Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa- The top three were the hardest of the countdown, because all three are great resorts. But I felt that the Grand Floridian was slightly beaten. That's not to say its not amazing. It is. It is luxurious, has great food, great views, lots of things to do, is on the Monorail, and has a great theme. I can see why it's commonly considered the best in WDW.
1. Disney's Contemporary Resort- This will come as a surprise to some that I put the Contemporary higher than the Grand Floridian. I have three reasons. First of all, you can walk to the Magic Kingdom, the best of the four parks. Second of all, the Contemporary has three of WDW's best eateries in Chef Mickey's, The Wave, and California Grill. Finally, you can do more things at the Contemporary than you can at the other resorts. You can even parasail or fish!

That was my list. I will put up more of these for the Top 20 Rides, Top 20 Restaurants, Top 20 Secrets, and more.
Check back in a while,
Super Disney Scott